In-House Dialysis

Dialysis on site

In partnership with PRS LLC Dialysis of Elmhurst, IL, Medina offers onsite dialysis services. Our services are specifically designed for long term care and rehabilitation patients having end stage renal disease that forgoes the need for patients to travel to another facility.

Medina’s dialysis services provide patients with these advantages:

  • Excellence in care for medically complex patients Dialysis With Nursing Care
  • Ensures they will receive dialysis treatments around their therapy schedule
  • Limits the discomfort and stress related to transport outside of the facility
  • Resident’s medications and dietary needs are closely monitored
  • Important family visiting time is never sacrificed
  • Patients feel comfortable and secure receiving dialysis in their own “residence” environment
  • Provides a standard of care that leads to improved patient outcomes
  • Dialysis staff and nursing center staff are able to closely monitor the patient’s medical conditions resulting in fewer hospital re-admissions

Our team includes experienced, licensed dialysis RN’s and technicians who are CPR and AED certified and are present throughout the treatment, renal dietitians, renal social workers and board certified nephrologists, who partner with us.

At Medina, a dialysis experienced social worker collaborates with the patient and Medina’s social worker to complete all necessary paper work, coordinate treatment plans with the patient and attending nephrologists. In addition, a dialysis experienced dietitian works with our dietitian to insure the patient’s medications, supplements, and diet is appropriate for a person receiving dialysis treatments.